Birthstone and Planets

Everything that surrounds us lives on it’s own, divine way!

Three levels:
Heavenly - Atmospheric - Physical

These spaces, in which all energies are developed, are divided with imaginary boundaries, and define one another.

The upper (heavenly) world descends into the middle(atmospheric) world, which in turn recieves this modification in the amount dependent on its openness and focus.

The lower (earthly) world, which contains motion, ascends into the middle (atmospheric) world in such shape as is given to it by the boundaries of imagination of the atmospheric world.

- The Upper (Heavenly) World signifies the world of light and immobile eternity.
- The Middle (Atmospheric) World is the world of imagination inside boundaries of space.
- The Lower (Physical) World signifies the support to the middle world in its imagination of space.

Planets - Man - Minerals

Planets  (stars, galaxies, heavenly level) act upon man through his/her mind  (brain), and every one of the closest perceptible heavenly bodies works inside the hemispheres of human mind.

Planets, stars and galaxies, all influence each other through its shapes, emanations and motions. Through observing all these workings of heavenly bodies and comparing it with an individual person and her life, we can say that it is impossible for such a big strength to be able to survive in this perceptible world. But it is so big that it infuses all that surrounds us and is not directed only towards people.

The influence of planets/stars on one (individual) person at the moment of birth is not very personal because this energy influences the entire time-space in that moment.

Through growing up, individual experience of cosmic bodies starts to intertwine with causal connection with the surrounding, which at the same time tries to shape the person into the existing systems of functioning in this perception.

The Earth as one of many planets/stars also participates in understanding of life and existence.

Its strength is full of energy, gathering of heat, minerals, elements, magnetic options, etc, and it contains and realizes our perceptive life here where we are now.

Minerals  (crystals, gemstones) are a part of her strong magnetic expression in creating material changeability. Our body is composed of minerals, it is now our shelter, and it should not be neglected since it enables us to rise to that first original state.