Birthstone Basic rules

Basic rules

Crystal or Gemstone should be worm as;

An appendage on a chainlet:
The attention should be paid on the height it's position on the pectoral bone (planum sternale). The right position is located by feeling a sensation of oneness in the area of aorta ascendens/descendens or papilla mammae.

Birthstone location

A ring:
It is important to pay attention to which finger we wear it on:
little finger: the all comprising life force
ring finger: the accomplishment of our aspirations
middle finger: the affirmation of our personality
forefinger: self - control
thumb: strength and concentration

A bracelet:
It is important to pay attention to which hand we wear it on:
left: openness, wisdom
right: self-affirmation, activity


The birthstone's effects in individuals [short description];

Stabilizes the energy flow (chackras) in and around the body.

After the stabilisation of energy, a healthy relationship (polarity) occurs between the body cells.

Psychic Influence:
Helps in realising inner peace and stable directed consciousness.

Becouse of before mentioned effects,a condition of energy conservation is attained, resulting in increase of physical energy (body warmth).

If performs a protection from psychic and mental influences.

Helps in maintaining the physical immunity and in neutralizing any existing difficulties.

Placing your birth-stone on a troubled area,in the contact with the skin,you are performing self-help which can in a short time-span (5-10 min.) neutralise mild pains.

It is undesirable to let any other person but you touch your birthstone. You can give help to another person only in cases of emergency. It is advised to keep the stone with you at all times.

If you are separated from it for longer than 21 days there is a possibility that the stone will change it's vibration, and thereby break it's "contact" with you. In such a case, consult the expert.