Birthstone On Contemplation

Contemplation on a Crystal or Gemstone.

The dynamics of the contemporary life requires of us great concentration and unification of energies, as well as flexibility, in order to achieve integrity and progress. Throughout the history crystals or gemstones showed themselves as being the most appreciated "object" in contemplation:with their natural clarity they are drawing the person nearer to the state of internal unity.

By the gathering of the attention and by satisfaction we achieve by contemplating the crystal or gemstone, an initial calmness occurs: this calmness can later on be retained even without this specially directed consciousness.

If a crystal or gemstone is worn in the contact with the skin it will help in retaining peace and balance of the energies and thereby helping in overcoming physical and psychological problems as well.

It is important to emphasize that what actually "happens" through the medium of crystal or gemstone is a holistic process, no a partial one; therefore the time needed to establish the balance and to feel a stronger progress in the field of perception is individually determined.

After a constant balance has been reached, the feeling might occur that we can't move any further; the initiative of the crystal or gemstone seems insufficient in our attempts to reach the higher planes.

These circumstances signify the beginning of a new phase in which we face certain "reorganization" of the achieved balance: we recognize higher states of consciousness that require greater attentiveness and awareness.

Crystal or gemstone continues to be an assistant in balancing the newly created "waves" on the "higher plane", and as an "object" of contemplation it assists in concentrating and unifying the energies.

The efficiency of the crystal or gemstone ceases after the period of the "firmly directed consciousness" has been reached; after a sensation like this, crystal / gemstone itself grows into a significant symbol of the " life stability".