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Many different materials about minerals can be found on the Internet. These range from interpretations of their therapeutical uses to birthstone tables which in turn rely on interpretations of writings of many different authors. One of the originators of this mystical subject was Pliny the Elder (Gaius Plinius Secundus). In his book "The Natural History" he explains his notions about the nature of minerals. But the roots of usage of minerals for achieving higher states of consciousness exist from the beginning of time. Excerpts from writings about Buddha's sayings, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Chinese and Egyptian writings and further... they were worn by rulers, kings, man of wisdom... all these texts speak of the mineral's nature and the symbiosis of the man and the mineral as conscious beings, clearly giving us knowledge that they are "alive" and that they "live" within and around us.

Free Birthstone Table

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The HRIH web site will enable you to define your Birthstone, by (optionally) using the Universal Birthstone Tables, which are based on the calculations of the ecliptic motion of the Moon. Because of the oscillations of the motion of the Moon, they are inevitably not precise, but nevertheless this calculations are based on the period from 1930 to 2000. Universal Tables are divided in days, enabling a quick access to the desired information.

Calculating Precise Birthstone

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The Commercial Service of "Calculating Precise Birthstone". From its first presentation in 1998 to today, this service has attracted many visitors. This Service does only that, and does not go into any other area such as healing stones, programming of the crystals, etc. During the process of defining a person's birthstone many different information is used to enable the user to recognize the appropriate birthstone using his or hers own senses, such as taste, touch etc. The information comes from Astrology, Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali (stages of mind), Mineral Structures and Properties, Geo-sciences, Human Anatomy and Physiology, etc. All this information is coupled with crystal-therapist's personal experience with the therapeutic use of minerals (preventive and intensive psycho-physical therapies). Together with the definition of your birthstone, the effects while you are wearing it, you are also going to get a special report about the flow of events that will take place during the time you are wearing it. This service has a limit in the amount of orders it can handle in a given time, so it may happen that we are going to close it for two weeks at times, even longer.