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Sophisticated I-Ching & Tarot Readings with good explanations of the cards/texts. 

They're a tool for analyzing particular circumstances.

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How to formulate a question?
The question must be precise, realistic and connected with actions that you intend to take.

Should I (if I) accept Michael's offer?
Is it advisable to buy the flat on Winston street 32 (for me, my company etc.)?

Should I ask Tom for financial help?
If I start a business with mr.Tom, will I get the $200.000 profit?

Will I succeed with my new project?
Should I travel to such-and-such location?

How not to formulate a question?
Never ask questions for (in the name of) others, and which concern their personality and private actions!

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The Tarot is an ancient system of knowledge which has been taught over the centuries in secret Mystery schools.

This wisdom is presented through paintings, the symbols often hidden in esoteric images. Each card embodies the energy of the symbols on it, reflecting and imparting that energy to the user of the deck.

The Tarot is a tool that can be used for orienting oneself on the path toward greater awareness, - a vast path with many turnings...


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