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About Universal Birthstones Table

The Moon is the "heavenly" body closest to us and it influences the developmental processes on the Earth. It is the "heavenly" body that controls the biorhythm by connecting and separating the symmetries of the structures. At times it will be seen bigger (when closer to Earth), and at times smaller (when further from Earth). The oscillations called the water's ebbs and tides are one of the more obvious influences of the Moon. Usually, we can feel it's influence on our mental plane (pressures, headaches, etc), and that happens due to it's influence on our body fluids. One of the ways to relieve this temporary conditions is the symbolical wearing of a mineral or a precious stone.

The Moon's influence upon the minerals can simply be described as a stronger or weaker pressure on their atomic structure (cage), and the reaction that results can be "picturesquely" described as "realizations" of vibrations/oscillations of the minerals and as a kind of energy release. Minerals are one of the "living" forms of life and an important factor in the Life on Earth. They are able to "feel" that which is coming; signs (vibrations), the situation which is only being formed etc...

Wearing the crystal or a precious stone in contact with our skin (or in a ring open at its bottom), our nerve nodes will transfer the vibrations of the crystal or a precious stone to our conscious mind which can than mobilize its powers to eliminate many unpleasant situations or make the organism adapt to them. In this way we will live through the oscillations of our biorhythm with less stress.

The Universal Birthstone Tables are a recommendation for one of the ways to soften the mentioned activities. The approximate oscillations of Moon during the course of a year, minerals most responsive to the motions and vibrations during that period, and the information about activities (collective characteristics) of persons born in that period are some of the information used in making of this (polar) Tables.

This Tables do not rely on writings and texts from any books, but are the product of personal, practical study and experience of a crystal-therapist's.