History of Yoga documentary


History of Yoga Hindi Film with English Subtitles.

Traveling 35000 km's across India and Nepal to record evidences from 80 Archeological sites, 35 Museums and Libraries and 30 Eminent Scholars authenticating the subject.

Yoga is now being established as an effective alternative therapy across the world. However, there is no authentic document available on its scope and depth with the government, or any institution or individual. This documentary has accomplished the unprecedented task of documenting on film, 5,000 years of history and philosophy of yoga.

Beginning with the yoga of Patanjali, as a unique technique for experiencing the mastery over senses and modifications of the mind, the documentary traces the origins of yoga to the Harappan civilization. Through a delightful journey, spanning 3,000 years of the developmental history of yoga up to the medieval ages, we catch glimpses of the Hatha-yogic practitioners who show an intense human desire to conquer disease, aging and death through Hatha-yogic practices. The film finally leads us to the 19th century, where modern science acknowledges the potential of yoga in a new light.

Around 30 eminent scholars from across India and Nepal have spoken on the subject, to elucidate and authenticate it. Widely and rationally accepted interpretations of evidences are included in this documentary that is beautifully woven with meditative dance, drama and music.

Directed by Ramji Om and Deepika Kothari.

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