The Darma of Yoga by Alexander Medin


The question that arises, ‘What is the concept of dharma within the classical yoga tradition?’ If there is such a thing called dharma, influencing the world of men in various ways how is this being portrayed by Patañjali? In what context is he referring to it and what is the overall meaning he is pointing to when he is employing the word dharma?
Patañjali refers to the word dharma directly on five occasions and indirectly on at least two. On the first three instances the word dharma is associated with the transformative qualities of the mind and on the forth occasion it has to do with the inmost subtle contents of physical objects. The final reference to the word dharma is employed as dharma-megha samādhi (the cloud of virtue state), an indicative term that is also equivalent with the highest state of viveka (discrimination) prajñā (wisdom) and prasañkhyāna (meditative wisdom).

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