Yoga in Transformation Conference


Yoga in Transformation, International Conference September 19 - 21, 2013. Vienna, Austria

Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on a Global Phenomenon

The conference will explore yoga from a broad perspective: it will examine different strands of Indian yoga in the pre-modern period and forms of modern yoga, the changes that occurred within the pre-modern yoga practices and theories, as well as more recent developments and the current transformation of transnational modern yoga.

For this purpose, outstanding specialists from the fields of South Asian studies, the study of religions, social science and cultural anthropology have been invited to contribute their research papers. The conference will give them an opportunity to intensify their mutual communication. For those who are interested in yoga in general, it will provide convenient access to information on recent high-level research.

Including topics like:

- On Postures in the Patanjala Yogasastra
- Birunī's Choices of Interpretation and Methods in His Kitab Patanjal
- Classical Yoga’? The Fall and Rise of the Yoga Sutras
- Some Problematic Yoga Sutras and their Buddhist Background

For further information, including a full programme, please visit the Yoga in Transformation official website.