Yoga Advertising with Hrih Monthly

Yoga Advertising with Hrih Monthly $10.00

The ads are displayed in random order using simple advertising slideshow.

Rotation rate: 1:3.
15 seconds per one slide block.
Each slide block contains max 2 ads.
3 slide blocks available. 
Banner Ad - One month
Cost: Minimum $10, Donation based
Banner ads are 200 pixel wide and 200 pixel height
Banner Ads are in gif, jpg or png format
Banner weight: 40 kb
We can use your existing Banner Ads that meet our size requirements.
Design Service - for the banner ad creation ( one time - no charge )

You can change your banner as often as you like. 

Location: Right
6 candidates per month
Graphic Banner
Dimension 200 pixel wide and 200 pixel height
Extension: gif, jpg, png
Banner weight: max. 40 kb
Our Banner design for free (one time)
Do not disturb rule - static banner
Rotation: 1:3 (2 different ads per one slide block)
Display: 99% pages
Minimum potential audience: 10.000
Minimum impressions: 150.000
Term: one month
Contribution per month: Minimum $10, Donation based